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Do you know Bandung City? May I tell you again that, Bandung is one of big city in Indonesia. Maybe you know Bali Indonesia. The famous Island in this world. But, truly there are many cities in Indonesia that we can visit. The famous one is Bandung. This city is famous at present because Bandung Conference is held there. The conference is discuss team work or trading within Asian and African countries. Global issue and export-import is talking in this conference.

Bandung is one of the cities in Indonesia, this is capital city of West Java Province. This is culinary cities, fashion city, music city, art city and many good called for Bandung. Let’s start to talking about famous area or things about Bandung.

My grand father live in Jalan Manglit Bandung, he is witness of Bandung history. Born in 1918. Come from Majalengka. He work as governance corporation staff.

It was colonial territory of dutch in Indonesia. We called it as Bandung. Other name is Paris Van Java. As I know from my grand father, in 18th centuries Bandung as the main city from Satellite cities, like Majalengka, Tasikmalaya, Cianjur, Bogor, Sumedang, Garut, Subang. There are main satellite, and than other little cities are connected with main satellite. In 19th centuries, the main railroad from Batavia (we called now Jakarta) is finished. This make big movement from Batavia to Bandung. This boost our city. Industrial and economical is grow up faster.

In 1920’s dutch colonial governance build a capital governance in Bandung. This building we called as Gedung Sate. This is famous building in Bandung. Economical and industrial more faster in progression. Bandung more famous in the world, visitor come and some other make decision to stay at Bandung. The most expansion is from Chinese, they build a Pecinan in Bandung, the Chinese make trade in Bandung. More progress and more.

In 1955 is the best bang for Bandung in past time. Asian African Conference is been held. Countries form Asian and African have one opinion for neutral in political way. In that time world has divided into two main political alignment, West side and East side. West is America and east as Soviet Union.  As non block countries, Asian and African is choose to grow up it self. Economical team work or cooperation, and active in peace policy. This conference is been held in Gedung Merdeka near Braga Street, the famous street in Bandung.

There are above my knowledge about history of Bandung. I remember what my grand father told me. Maybe the we must asking to expert for details. I just share what I know. Sorry if it is not exactly same or persistence. As I know, Bandung is one of beautiful city in the world. I really happy to live in Bandung.

For memorial, here the pictures below to be shared.

Gedung Merdeka

Braga Street

Braga Street from upper angle

Dutch Colonial Governance, we called now as Gedung Sate

 One shot of district governance in Bandung

 School at Jalan Merdeka

View of classical Bandung Station

Bandung Train Station

 Senatorial Building

 At corner of the city

 Plaza of Bandung

Javanian Mosque at Bandung

Indonesian Bank at Bandung

The nice of people

Jalan Dalem Kaum

Traditional Market

At the laboratory of Bandung Technology Institute

My grand father village at Kadipaten Majalengka

Jalan Diponegoro (Diponegoro Street)

Traditional Market near home

The properties of Dutch Colonial Governance

View of Via Duct

You know it

The main post office building

view of Jalan Pahlawan (Pahlawan Street)

 view of university of Bandung

Bandung Plaza

 Paint of Bandung Mosque

Bandung Cathedral 

Main Post Office Building

 Gedung Merdeka

View of Building in Setiabudi Street

 View of Jalan Otista

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